We’ve rebranded! FluidReview used to be known as ReviewRoom. All the same great features and industry leading reliability & support, but a new name! Read more here.


Make better, faster decisions. Take control of your application & review process.

FluidReview provides a simple, powerful and centralized online application & submission management solution, making it easy for organizations to streamline any application collection & review process. With FluidReview, you can configure an application workflow, set-up customized application forms, collect applications online, store submission materials/attachments, automate repetitive tasks, engage applicants and provide a secure portal for review & evaluation, all in one place.


An online application management & review system that’s powerful, flexible, & simple.

Customize an application workflow

Set up your application process exactly how you want it. Set up an approval workflow, create rules & tasks for applicants, have them fill out interactive application forms, upload materials, process payments, & more.

Create custom, interactive forms

Capture applicant data by building engaging & interactive online forms. The web’s leading form tool, FluidSurveys, is built into FluidReview. Use a drag & drop form builder, make use of powerful skip logic, and more.

Track applicants & submissions

Interactive dashboards provide application tracking and review information at-a-glance. See how many applications are coming in, which tasks need to be completed, how many reviews are being processed, and more.

Pre-screen & automate tasks

Automatically pre-screen incoming applicants, group applicants, assign applications to reviewers, send out reminder emails, and more. Easily set up automated actions based on any set of criteria. You’ll save tons of time.

Securely evaluate applications

Set up a secure review portal for online submission management where your reviewers can view, comment and rate applications. Specify evaluation criteria, create easy to use ranking forms, and have rankings automatically aggregated in real time.

Gather actionable insights

Uncover trends in your application data with custom reports. Isolate the data and metrics that need evaluation and compare applicant groups, rounds, reviewers, and more, with the click of a button.

“FluidReview is the best of the best and probably the most thoughtful application I’ve ever run across. Everything is so user-friendly and intuitive. Without a question, FluidReview saved everyone a lot of time and money.”

Todd Hanes, The Ohio Authorizer Collective