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  • Create & Configure
    Your Site

    Easily set up a branded application site where applicants can view the rules, requirements, and apply.

  • Collect Applications

    Have applicants submit all application materials through an intuitive applicant hub.

  • Manage the Process

    With simple dashboards, quickly and easily sort, communicate, and coordinate your process.

  • Review & Select Your Candidates

    Have reviewers evaluate and rank applications through a centralized, secure review portal.

Simple, powerful, flexible. FluidReview can power your application process.

Powerful features that are easy to use.

…and much more!

Six years ago when we were receiving 30 applications, it was already a challenge to keep them organized, but now with over 200 cities in our system, FluidReview is critical to the success of our program.

MJ Kurs-Lasky , KaBoom!

An easier way to find the right applicants.

No matter what type of application process you're running, FluidReview will help you find the right fit.

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