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Streamline your Grant Application Process

FluidReview Grants software makes it easy to manage an entire grant application and selection process within one simple, intuitive platform.

Designed to handle every aspect of the application process, from application collection/management and applicant tracking to final review and selection, FluidReview is loved by applicants, administrators and judges.

A simple, powerful and flexible platform, FluidReview can adapt to your specific grant application workflow. You can easily set up application criteria and rounds, create interactive application forms, collect documents and supporting files, pre-screen incoming applications, sort submissions, designate review guidelines, and more.

FluidReview simplifies the application process with a centralized online platform, eliminating the need for paper applications, overwhelming email correspondence, logistical and organizational confusion and enormous administrative workloads. It will increase efficiencies and make your entire process simpler for applicants, administrators and judges.

Automate & streamline your application workflow & forms.

Configurable Workflows

FluidReview adapts to match your unique application workflow. Easily set up an application and review process with multi-stage application rounds, customized application forms, applicant tasks (file uploads, recommendations, etc), automated pre-screening, & more.

Custom Application Forms

Integrated with FluidSurveys, FluidReview let’s you create robust application forms with ease. Ask a variety of questions to gather the information you need, make use of skip logic to create an engaging experience, brand according to your needs, & more.

Pre-Screening & Automatic Sorting

Incoming applications & submissions can be automatically pre-screened, sorted based on a specified set of criteria and assigned to reviewers. Save hours of administrative time & effort.

Applicant Tracking

Track the status of incoming applications, applicants & reviews through a centralized dashboard. One place to monitor the status of applications, candidates, tasks & reviews. It’s a simple control center.

Automated Administrative Tasks

Create action-based triggers to automate repetitive administrative tasks & notifications. Send out automated reminders for upcoming deadlines, alert applicants of missing materials, notify reviewers of requirements, and more.

Simplified Lifecycle Communications

Communicate with applicants and reviewers throughout the course of the application lifecycle with personalized emails, messaging, and customized data collection forms. Robust, integrated tools allow you to send and track all communications through the system.

Robust Reviewing

Set up a simple, secure, online review portal where reviewers can see their assigned submissions, complete custom review forms, leave feedback, and submit rankings. Perfect for simple reviews, or multi-stage review processes.

Powerful Reports & Statistics

Generate actionable reports based on collected applications and resulting reviews & rankings. Easily see where applications are coming from, uncover important trends, summarize rankings, and more.

See what FluidReview can do for your organization.

Save significant administrative time & effort

FluidReview’s user-friendly interface, automation tools, simple applicant tracking and robust reviewing capabilities will significantly reduce your administrative workload and save hundreds of hours of time. Gone are the days of scrambling like mad to process applications received via mail or email, dealing with defective attachments & partially filled out applications, or sorting and assigning submissions to reviewers. FluidReview takes care of all that so you can focus on making the best decisions and growing your reach.

Reduce costs

With FluidReview, your organization will be able to do more with less. You’ll be able to process more applications, manage your workflow more efficiently and make quicker, smarter decisions. FluidReview is an affordable solution for any organization, and with the savings experienced from a significantly reduced administrative workload, you’ll get exceptional bang for your buck.

Boost applications & expand your reach

With FluidReview, the application process will be clearer, simpler and more intuitive for applicants. Less confusion means a reduced support workload, more applications, and happier applicants. Everyone wins.

Make better, faster decisions

In a pool of applicants, finding the right ones can sometimes seem daunting. But with FluidReview’s robust review and selection tools, you’ll be able to quickly filter, sort and review applications in real-time, assuring that your staff and reviewers have all the information they need to select the perfect candidates. Nothing, and no one, will be missed.

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