Announcing the FluidReview 5.0 Beta Preview

5.0beta_previewStarting on Friday, February the 15th, we will be welcoming all of our customers to participate in the ReviewRoom version 5.0 beta preview.

Did you miss our previous blog post about version 5.0? Learn more about ReviewRoom 5.0 and see what all of the excitement is about!

Frequently Asked Questions

What exactly is going on?

ReviewRoom will soon be undergoing a major upgrade to version 5. We are inviting current customers to “test drive” version 5 before the official release date.

What happens after I join the beta preview?

Our development team will create a copy of your live ReviewRoom, upgrade it to version 5.0, and host it on a separate server that will not be accessible to the public and the current participants of your Room. You will be given instructions on how to access this special copy of your ReviewRoom so that you can participate in the beta preview.

What happens to the changes I make to this copy of ReviewRoom?

Any changes you make to this ReviewRoom copy will not be preserved when the official version 5.0 launch occurs.

When is the official release date for ReviewRoom 5.0?

The official release of ReviewRoom version 5.0 is scheduled for March 20th, 2013. There will be a scheduled maintenance the evening before the release on March 19th between 7-8 PM EST to prepare for this change. During the maintenance, you and your applicants will not be able to access your Room/competition.

I am interested. How can I participate?

Please contact your account manager (or, if you do not have an account manager, email support directly) to confirm eligibility and to join the beta preview.