Customer Spotlight: Junior Chamber International

It’s no secret that FluidReview clients do amazing things in the world! That’s why every Thursday, we’ll be sharing the extraordinary work of one of our customers. This week, we’re featuring JCI and their newly launched Global Youth Empowerment Fund.
JCI - Junior Chamber International

The wonderful work their organization does to harness the passion and energy of youth, empowering them to make a difference in their communities is outstanding. I was lucky enough to sit down and interview JCI Secretary General Arrey Obenson, about the incredible work JCI does both at the local and international level. We talked about the programs they offer and how those programs impact communities & individuals around the world.

Who: Secretary General Arrey Obenson
Organization: JCI (Junior Chamber International)
Program: The Global Youth Empowerment Fund


Hannah: Tell us about your organization and program

Secretary General Arrey Obenson: JCI is a membership-based nonprofit organization of young active citizens ages 18 to 40 in over 120 countries. JCI’s mission is to provide development opportunities that empower young people to create positive change, which is done by collaborating with all sectors of society to create sustainable impact.  With nearly 175,000 members in almost 5,000 communities, the impact of JCI members can be felt around the world. The vision is to be the leading global network of young active citizens.

The Global Youth Empowerment Fund is an initiative to empower young people around the world to impact their communities by investing in grassroots, community projects.

A partnership of JCI and the SDG Action Campaign (formerly the UN Millennium Campaign), the Fund will offer grants, financing, and training to youth-led projects and social enterprises that advance the Global Goals for Sustainable Development in local communities around the world.

Hannah: What is the main goal of your program?

Secretary General Arrey Obenson: The goal of the Global Youth Empowerment Fund is to provide funding to a community project, led by youth-led organizations, which aim to provide sustainable solutions to local challenges, which help advance the Global Goals for Sustainable Development.

Hannah: Who does your program impact/help?

Secretary General Arrey Obenson: This program empowers young people to have the tools and resources necessary to take action in their community. It builds their confidence knowing young people have an important role to play in their community’s development and the sustainable future of our world. It benefits communities where young people conduct their projects – whether providing safe drinking water, ensuring quality education or advocating for gender equality, communities and lives will be made better.

Hannah: How did your program come to fruition?

Secretary General Arrey Obenson: JCI’s mission is to provide development opportunities that empower young people to create positive change. We believe that those development opportunities come from taking action to address community needs through targeted solutions. JCI members around the world have conducted thousands of projects in their communities that advanced the Millennium Development Goals through the end of 2015. They funded their projects through sponsorships, fundraising, donations and a myriad of creative means. As JCI prepared to adopt the Global Goals for Sustainable Development, we knew we needed to increase the impact of these small, grassroots projects. The Global Youth Empowerment Fund will help to increase the scale and scope of projects and provide means for better monitoring and evaluation of young people’s contributions to the Global Goals.

JCI has worked in collaboration with the SDG Action Campaign (formerly the UN Millennium Campaign) to bring awareness of the global development agenda to young people and empower them to take action. As such, it has been a natural fit to partner together in this endeavour.

Hannah: Where do you hope to see this program in 5 years?

Secretary General Arrey Obenson: We hope this program becomes much bigger than just JCI and the SDG Action Campaign. We foresee a coalition of like-minded partners who also believe that young people hold the keys to the future and are currently investing in training and providing resources for young people in order for them use their creativity and passion and lead the way in tackling global challenges on the local level.

Hannah: What is one thing you’d like people to remember about your program and organization?

Secretary General Arrey Obenson: The Global Youth Empowerment Fund is an exceptional way for any individual to get involved in global development through partnership and empowering young people.