How to Create a Dynamic Certificate with FluidReview

Did you know: In addition to customizing an email message, FluidReview’s Mail Merge functionality can also be used to dynamically insert text into a .docx document?

In today’s blog post, we’re going to show you how to use this feature to automatically email your applicant a certificate with their name on it.

The process can be broken down into 2 steps.

  • Step 1: Creating a special .docx file (your certificate) that FluidReview will use to insert the applicant’s name, and
  • Step 2. Creating a trigger that emails the .docx file to the applicant

Step 1: Create the .docx File

First, start Microsoft Word and turn off automatic spell checking. This step is important because of the way Microsoft changes the underlying XML code when a word is not recognized in the dictionary.

Next, you can create your own certificate template or download one from within Microsoft Word, as we did for our example (shown below).

We then type the following into our certificate where we want the applicant’s name to appear:

{{ submission.user }}

Due to other peculiarities with Microsoft and XML, it is important that you type this in to your .docx file, as opposed to copying & pasting from this blog post.

This strange-looking piece of text is actually a FluidReview token which represents the full name of the current applicant. Once we program our trigger in Step 2, FluidReview will dynamically replace this token with the applicant’s full name before the certificate is sent by email.

Now save your .docx file to your hard drive. Here is what our certificate looked like after we made these modifications:


Now we want to create a trigger that will send this certificate to our applicant by email.

Step 2: Create the Trigger

Beneath the Settings menu in FluidReview you will find the Triggers sub-menu. Look for the ‘Manage’ link and click on it, as shown in the picture:


As you create your trigger, configure it to the following specifications:

Click to Enlarge
Trigger Specifications

“Name” Section
Type a suitable name for your trigger that will make it easier to identify in the future. We called ours “Email Certificate”.

“Activated When” Section:
In our example, from the first drop-down menu we selected “Submissions: A task has been completed”, and for the second dropdown menu we chose “– Any Task –“. Feel free to customize these options to better suit your unique competition.

“Conditions” Section:
In our example we did not create any conditions. However, you can do so if you wish.

Up until this point, the settings were based on your customization preferences. However, this option, and the one immediately following, must be followed precisely.

“Actions” Section:
Select “Send an email to…” from the first drop-down menu. From the second drop-down menu (the one having the label “Insert”), select “The person that activated this trigger”. Also, be sure to click on “Add Attachment” to attach your .docx certificate file.

“Status” Section:
Make sure your trigger is set to Active.

Now click Save.

The Finished Product

After integrating this trigger onto our own competition, an email was sent after the successfull completion of a task. Here was the result:



In this blog post we constructed a special .docx file that contained a FluidReview token for the applicant’s full name. Then we created a trigger to email the certificate to the applicant whenever a task would be completed. Using our imaginations, we can easily modify these instructions to create dozens of other use cases. For example, we do not have to email the applicant, we can email any other person in our organization. And we do not have to email a certificate, we can email a permit or a personalized letter of approval. The customization possibilities are nearly endless.


If you encounter difficulties with this advanced feature, here are some pointers that may be helpful:

  • Make sure automatic spell checking is disabled in Microsoft Word before you add the FluidReview token.
  • Be sure to type in the FluidReview token as opposed to copying & pasting.

If you’re still having troubles, please contact us for help. Your feedback helps us to make FluidReview even better.

What Can FluidReview Do for You?

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