Is It Time to Update Your Grants Management Process?

We recently hosted a webinar on the importance of improving grant management processes. One of the key areas we focused on was identifying  the right time to consider a new grants management solution. Through many discussions with our Grants clients, we have composed a list of the common pain points or “warning” signs to look for.

These signs help identity when a grant process might be in trouble;

You experience bottlenecks with manual, redundant tasks.

If you find your process lags or the experience could be improved at certain times because:

  • someone needs to manually go move an application,
  • admins spend too much time responding to emails, or
  • hours are dedicated to organizing applications and reviews/printing or faxing applications/etc.

Then this is an indication that your process could benefit from a solution that automates your workflow and reviewer assignments, centralizes communications, eliminates papers, and organizes incoming applications in one centralized system..

Only 2% of people complain about a bad experience, so if you’re receiving questions, you can be sure there are many other people with the exact same one.

Questions could be about your process, deadlines, or the technology itself. All of these questions and more can be removed from your queue with the right system that is intuitive to use, displays deadlines to applicants and reviewers, and sends out timely notifications and confirmation emails.

Outdated software that is inflexible to changes you want to make it your process, and uses old technology that isn’t accessible.

Is your software not responsive to mobile devices? Does it cost an arm and a leg to make updates, or does making changes to your process take way more effort than it should? Software vendors should be at the cutting edge of technology, providing and updating their solution so that it’s mobile responsive, easy-to-use, and reliable.

Reporting on your applicants, rankings, budgets, and programs are difficult, because data is in silos, inaccessible, or non-existent

There’s a trend in big data – everyone is collecting it – but what we really care about is making sense of that data, and we think that’s what you care about too. You should be able to:

  • pull reports on the fly,
  • understand exactly what’s going right and wrong in your programs, and
  • see what’s happening with a few clicks of a button.

A solution like FluidReview collects and centralizes all the data across your programs: from application forms, to reviewer rankings, to tasks, rounds, and budgets. Equipped with a powerful, real-time report builder, you can easily produce beautiful, graphical reports that stakeholders will love.

There are communication and collaboration challenges.

We know grants, in particular, involve research teams or organizations as their applicants, so solutions that make it easy to collaborate and communicate becomes increasingly important in helping applicants submit their application packages. This involves team roles and permissions, and automated emails at key times and milestones. That way team members can upload their cv’s and contribute to the project description, while the team lead has the final authority to submit the application.

If tomorrow you doubled the amount of funding you received or grants you gave out, could you handle it with the same resources on hand?

We’ve heard clients say that before then switched to FluidReview, they intentionally didn’t promote their program for fear that it would grow and become completely unmanageable. Your grants management solution should bring about economies of scale as you grow, making your programs more efficient, not less. These same clients, when moved over to FluidReview, now say they can confidently increase the number of applications they receive x3 before they have to add any additional resources.

Do any of these warning signs seem familiar? Are you experiencing one or more of them? The truth is if you’re experiencing these common pain points, it’s time to upgrade your software to one that’s ready to help your grant programs become efficient with tools to eliminate redundant administrative tasks, and more accessible and easy to use for applicants and reviewers,

There are a lot of grant management tools out there right now, 5 years ago there was a handful and now there are well over 15 different grant management solutions on the market. More and more organizations are looking for new solutions to help them manage their entire grant process.

How Does FluidReview Work?

FluidReview helps small and medium organizations simplify their grant management process. When you move your grants over to FluidReview you simplify the experience for grant seekers and reviewers. We help you save hours of administrative time and streamline administrative processes and workflows. FluidReview helps grantmakers speed up their process and make better grantmaking decisions.

How does FluidReview simplify your grant management process?

How fluidreview makes grant management simple.

We manage the 3 main aspects of the grant process;

  • Creating a workflow, where we help you improve the applicant experience and create your applicant takes.
  • Manage the entire process, collect applications and streamline the review process.
  • Finally, FluidReview allows you to track and report on all data within your entire process, truly giving you an in-depth look into your grant process.

If you know it’s time to change your process, and you’re looking for a way simplify and improve your grant management process view our latest webinar “Grants Management Made Simple with FluidReview”. In this webinar, you’ll get a first-hand look at FluidReview and how we help you create efficient workflows, gain valuable insights into your process, and track and report on the awards you give out. In 30-minutes, see how easy it is to streamline your grants management with our affordable and flexible tool (it’s perfect for small to medium-sized foundations). It’s a session you won’t want to miss!