How to Simplify Collecting Reference Letters

Third-party input is extremely valuable when making decisions on candidates. That’s why application processes often require applicants to provide references. But coordinating requests for reference letters can be a very challenging task.

In most cases, applicants need to reach out to their desired reference in person, or via email, and provide instructions and reminders. The referrer needs to send their reference letter to the administrator themselves, or they have to send it back to the person for whom they’re providing the reference, who has to forward it. There can be a lot of back-and-forth, confusion, and timelines can extend.

Is there a way to make coordinating reference letters easier for applicants, referrers and administrators? Of course!

Automating reference letter requests and submissions

FluidReview makes it possible to facilitate and automate the entire reference request and submission process.

If a reference letter is required for a program, administrators can set up a “Request a Reference” task as part of their application process.

When applicants click “Start” on the task, they’ll be asked to fill out a simple form to request a reference. They’ll be required to enter their referrer’s name, email address and specify the nature of their relationship.

Once the information is submitted, an automated email will be sent to the referrer letting them know that they’ve been asked to provide a reference.

The referrer can click on the link in the email and easily proceed to upload a reference letter, or complete and submit an online reference form (administrators can create their own custom online reference forms in FluidReview).

When the reference is submitted, applicants and administrators will be notified. (Note: references can be made visible to applicants, or they can be made “blind” and kept invisible.)

It’s that simple.

But what if you still need, or receive, hard copies of reference letters? If referrers want to fulfill a reference request through another channel (for example, mail or email), administrators can accept the letter and manually upload it into the system.

How do automated references help?

Automated references are meant to provide more flexibility and simplicity for applicants, administrators and referrers when collecting and submitting reference letters and recommendations.

They’ll save you time

Automated references make a formerly cumbersome and time-consuming process easy and straightforward. Administrators no longer need to reach out to referrers, wait for letters to arrive via mail or email, or try to match reference letters to applications. It’s set it and forget it – everything happens automatically.

They’ll simplify the process for applicants and referrers

Applicants can easily request references as they complete their application, and referrers can easily upload letters or complete reference forms in one place. Automated references cut out the unnecessary back-and-forth through email and streamline the process of requesting and submitting reference letters.

To find out more about how you can automate the collection of reference letters, contact us today!