Understanding Roles in FluidReview

FluidReview is a highly-configurable contest and competition platform which features a sophisticated permissions-based user system that we call “role management”. In other words, the configuration of roles will determine precisely who can interact with your online process, and what they can do, see or administer.

Once you understand the basics, role management can be quite easy to master. There are default, or “built in” roles in FluidReview, and there is also the ability to create your own custom roles with custom permissions.

Default Roles

Without any special configuration, FluidReview already understands the permission level for a few built-in roles: Applicant, Reviewer and Administrator. Applicants are the users who create submissions in your FluidReview site, Reviewers (or Judges) are the users who can view and rank these submissions, and the Administrator oversees the entire online process with full control.

Naturally, the default permissions for each of these user types varies greatly. An easy way to remember how the permission level for these 3 user types differs is to consider a pyramid, or heirarchy:

FluidReview Administrators can view any submission, and can view all ranking data submitted by Reviewers. (Full control)

Reviewers (sometimes referred to as ‘judges’ or ‘adjudicators’) can view all submissions that have been assigned to them. (Less control)

Applicants can only view their own submission. (Limited control)

Special Roles

Last summer, we published a blog post which thoroughly explains how to use Role Management to create custom roles. This is a powerful aspect of FluidReview that lets you assign granular permissions to whoemever you choose. You can protect sensitive data while, at the same time, delegate tasks and responsibilities to make a large project much easier to manage.

Have a Question?

Even though it isn’t possible to cover every aspect of role management in this blog post, we’re always here to help. If you have a question or need guidance on configuring your FluidReview site, call us toll-free at 1-888-438-3749.