How the University of Ottawa Increased Scholarship Applications by 220%

“Before FluidReview, administrators manually processed over 85,000 applicant documents each year. Documents had to be printed, filed, and photocopied, all of which took 3 months of administrative time. After the implementation of FluidReview, administrators only had to manually process 20 documents. The time savings were tremendous.”
-Normand Séguin, Director of Financial Aid and Student Awards

The University of Ottawa implemented FluidReview to create a smarter end-to-end scholarship management process. By digitizing and centralizing the entire process, students could easily find programs they were eligible for, submit completed applications, track their statuses online, and accept awards all in one place.

“The student application experience has been dramatically simplified. With FluidReview in place, applications have skyrocketed. After the first year, the volume of completed scholarship applications increased by 220%, and we were able to utilize more funds than ever before.”
– Normand Séguin, Director, Financial Aid and Awards

We recently caught up with Normand Séguin, Director, Financial Aid and Awards and Guylaine Renaud Awards Administrator at the University of Ottawa and asked them about their experience with FluidReview. Hear first hand how FluidReview has drastically improved, not only the students experience but the University of Ottawa’s entire scholarship program.