Laguna Beach High School Scholarship Foundation

The Laguna Beach High School Scholarship Foundation has been turning students’ dreams into reality for over 50 years. With the help of generous donors, the foundation has helped thousands of graduates pursue their goals, and today, awards over 300 scholarships each year.

Since becoming a customer in 2016, FluidReview has helped the foundation effectively support and ease the heavy administrative workloads that go into such a large and impactful giving program.

“FluidReview has made our scholarship application process much more efficient and saved everyone hours of time,” says Robin Hall, Treasurer and Director of the Foundation. “Applicants can now easily submit applications through an intuitive system (no more paper!), and we’re able to more effectively monitor the stages within our process, control deadlines and communicate with applicants. The entire FluidReview team has been wonderfully responsive and helpful. A great motto for FluidReview would be: we succeed as you succeed!”

The Challenge

Before implementing FluidReview, the LBHSSF managed their scholarship application and review process with numerous disconnected tools. They relied on paper application forms, spreadsheets, database software and email. As applications were submitted, volunteers spent hours sorting through and organizing stacks of paper. With hundreds of scholarships to award each year, it wasn’t efficient or scalable.

“We realized we had a big challenge that we needed to solve,” says Hall. “We needed to find a system that would help us manage and reduce the flow of paper while allowing us to more easily track applications as they moved through our process.”

The Solution

The foundation quickly zeroed in on FluidReview. “We evaluated multiple software tools but came away extremely impressed with FluidReview’s ability to support all of our scholarship awards. The product was excellent, the staff incredibly responsive, and the value was great,” recalls Hall.

The LBHSSF quickly replaced their paper application forms with a FluidReview application portal, where applicants could go to view scholarships, requirements, and submit applications. “It’s been great for students,” says Hall. “They’re now able to easily submit their applications online, and no longer have to worry about filling out paper forms and mailing in materials. They can even make revisions to their applications right up until program deadlines.”

The benefits from the improved application experience funneled down to administrators. “FluidReview has made us much more efficient. We no longer deal with mountains of paper and don’t have to collate information from multiple sources. From start to finish, all parts of applications are contained within student’s individual accounts, and we can easily retrieve and view the information we need. Everything is simpler, cleaner and faster.”

The staff at the LBHSSF has also been able to more effectively track applications as they move through their process. “We have a lot more control now,” says Hall. “We’re able to monitor the various stages within our process, quickly eliminate applicants who don’t meet requirements, and remind those who have outstanding items to complete them. Everything can be done with one tool, and that’s made our programs easier to manage.”

A year after implementation, the foundation continues to look ahead. “We’re very pleased with the results we’ve experienced since starting with FluidReview. The product is great, and the team has been incredibly supportive and helpful,” says Hall. “We remain committed to helping the students in our community pursue their dreams, and we know that the FluidReview team is our partner in that mission.”