Maine Community Foundation

The Maine Community Foundation helps individuals invest charitable resources in the future of Maine. Since its inception, the foundation has contributed over $260 million in grants to projects and communities. In 2015 alone, the foundation awarded more than $25 million in grants and scholarships.

With so many grant and scholarship programs offered across the foundation, the process of receiving, coordinating, and reviewing applications wasn’t easy. It was cumbersome for everyone involved, particularly with varying workflows and requirements across multiple grant and scholarship programs.

In 2015, the foundation recognized the need to streamline its processes.

“Our goal was to implement one centralized, online solution to manage all of our grant and scholarship programs. We wanted a system that would help our staff work more efficiently while improving the experience for our applicants and reviewers.”
– Liz Fickett, Maine Community Foundation

The Challenge

The Maine Community Foundation embarked on a search for a new solution, and quickly decided on FluidReview.

“FluidReview stood out because it was extremely configurable. We wanted something that fit the unique needs of our staff, applicants, and reviewers, and FluidReview allowed us to accommodate everything. We could easily customize workflows, forms, and support the varying requirements of all of our programs. It was wonderful.”
– Liz Fickett, Maine Community Foundation

The decision to move forward was made quickly, and implementation was smooth and painless.

“The onboarding process was wonderful. Implementation was clear and easy, and the follow-ups and check-ins after our launch were phenomenal.”
– Liz Fickett, Maine Community Foundation

The foundation went live with FluidReview in December 2015.

“FluidReview has made a huge difference to our process, and every single person we’ve dealt with at FluidReview knows how to do their job and treat their clients. We love it.”
– Liz Fickett, Maine Community Foundation

The Solution

A better applicant experience

Since implementing FluidReview, MaineCF has been able to significantly improve the experience for grantseekers and scholarship applicants.

“Our process before FluidReview was so difficult that we lost applicants along the way. With FluidReview in place, the feedback speaks for itself. The online application is so much easier and applicants love it. The process is clear and straightforward, and their ability to save applications in progress and complete them later has made a big difference.”
– Liz Fickett, Maine Community Foundation

A simplified review process

The review process has been made more efficient. Applications are now automatically assigned to review committees, and reviewers are able to log in to a secure review portal to easily view application materials and submit their reviews.

“Our review process happens much more quickly now. I can make things available days after a deadline, as compared to weeks before. Giving reviewers the option of reviewing applications online or downloading hard copies is a feature that they love.”
– Liz Fickett, Maine Community Foundation

Streamlined administration

The small staff responsible for managing grants and scholarships has leveraged FluidReview to create significant efficiencies in the administrative process. They’ve been able to automate redundant tasks, such as moving applicants between application stages and sending notification emails, saving hours of time. They’re able to easily track applications as they move through their process, and retrieving data from the system is quick and painless.

“I manage the application process myself, and once we were up and running, I was in charge of the system. It’s so user-friendly and intuitive that I feel confident managing the entire process, and making any changes I need on the fly. I am not overly computer-savvy, but I can easily manage FluidReview. It’s helped make administration much easier.”
– Liz Fickett, Maine Community Foundation