Pat Tillman Foundation

Empowering scholarship administrators, applicants and reviewers

Inspired by Pat Tillman’s leadership, passion for education, and spirit of service, the Pat Tillman Foundation (PTF) invests in military veterans and their spouses through academic scholarships. Since 2004, the foundation has invested over $12 million in academic support, and named over 400 Tillman Scholars at more than 100 universities nationwide.

“FluidReview has been invaluable in helping us administer the Tillman Scholars Program. Everything flows and feels intuitive, and it’s been great for applicants, administrators and reviewers.”
– Elizabeth O’Herrin, Director of Programs and Scholarships

The Challenge

Each year, the Pat Tillman Foundation collects thousands of applications and awards 60 scholarships. Elizabeth O’Herrin, Director of Programs and Scholarships, oversees the entire process.

Prior to implementing FluidReview, the foundation administered the program using an inflexible home-grown solution. But as the program grew, managing application cycles, selection processes and program correspondence became incredibly inefficient.

With thousands of incoming applications and a workflow consisting of several application and review stages, the team knew that the foundation needed to put in place a more efficient scholarship management solution.

The Solution

The Pat Tillman Foundation implemented FluidReview in 2014. The solution has allowed the foundation to more efficiently manage administration, implement time-saving automations, and improve the experience for applicants and reviewers.

For administrators, the ability to quickly and easily create and update program workflows has been a welcome change. Before, administrators relied on developers to make even simple changes, like updating a question in the application form or adding an application task, but with FluidReview, they’re able to do it themselves, in minutes.

“In FluidReview, it’s super easy to set-up and change workflows. Before we had to pay coders to do that. Plus, I understand the logic of what’s happening in the system, and that’s invaluable on our end.”
– Elizabeth O’Herrin, Director of Programs and Scholarships

With FluidReview’s simple and intuitive application portal, scholarship applicants can easily complete applications online. They can quickly fill out application forms, upload documents, and even request reference letters through the system. Applicants can also save in-progress applications and complete them in stages.

“The applicant experience has been great. Applicants can work on portions of their application, come back to it later, and it’s saved. Plus, providing applicants the ability to request recommendations through the system has been tremendous. It’s super easy and seamless, and has been enormous for our process.”
– Elizabeth O’Herrin, Director of Programs and Scholarships

Program correspondence has also been drastically improved. With FluidReview, the foundation has been able to centralize all program communications and can now easily schedule, test and send tailored emails to applicants and reviewers at key moments in the process.

“Email within the FluidReview is straightforward and clear. I never worry about emailing the wrong applicants.”
– Elizabeth O’Herrin, Director of Programs and Scholarships

The feedback that the foundation has received from reviewers has been tremendous. The foundation utilizes over 80 external reviewers to evaluate and rank applications, all of whom can now seamlessly view applications and submit reviews through the FluidReview system. Managing the review and selection process has become significantly easier and faster.

“Even if you haven’t been trained in FluidReview, you can quickly figure it out. Everything just flows and feels simple. The other options we looked at seemed like upgraded versions of our old dinosaur system, and required a lot of hand-holding to get anything done. That’s not the case with FluidReview.”
– Elizabeth O’Herrin, Director of Programs and Scholarships

FluidReview empowers foundations, organizations and academic institutions to efficiently administer scholarship programs online. Download the Pat Tillman Foundation Case Study and click here to schedule a free FluidReview demonstration.