The University of Ottawa


The University of Ottawa, the world’s largest bilingual university, has an enrollment of over 40,000 students across 450 study programs and 10 faculties. Each year, the university supports students with over 2500 scholarships worth upwards of $80 million. The university has leveraged FluidReview to drastically improve service to students and the utilization of all scholarship funds across campus.

“FluidReview has revolutionized how we manage and disburse all of our scholarships, across every department. Administrators and students love using the system.”
– Normand Séguin, Director, Financial Aid and Awards

The Challenge

Prior to implementing FluidReview, the scholarship application and awarding process at the University of Ottawa had become incredibly challenging for students and administrators.

With decentralized and disjointed processes, students had difficulty finding and applying to scholarship opportunities. As a result, many funds did not receive applications and were not awarded, while administrators wrestled with manual and time-consuming processes.

“Before FluidReview, we faced numerous critical challenges: an extremely poor student experience, disjointed processes, information silos and incredibly high administrative workloads.”
– Normand Séguin, Director, Financial Aid and Awards

The Solution

To address their challenges, the University of Ottawa implemented FluidReview.

FluidReview allowed the university to centralize the administration of all scholarships onto one intuitive platform, while still providing the flexibility needed to manage unique fund requirements, and seamlessly integrated with the school’s student information and financial systems.

The result? A dramatically improved scholarship application and awarding process.

“One of our main goals was to improve our student experience, and this was, without a doubt, achieved.”
– Normand Séguin, Director, Financial Aid and Awards

Using FluidReview, the University of Ottawa implemented a centralized scholarship website where students could access and apply to all relevant scholarship opportunities across campus. Students were able to login with their university credentials and see a tailored list of all the scholarships for which they were eligible, and easily submit applications.

“The student application experience has been dramatically simplified. With FluidReview in place, applications have skyrocketed. After the first year, the volume of completed scholarship applications increased by 220%, and we were able to utilize more funds than ever before.”
– Normand Séguin, Director, Financial Aid and Awards

At the same time, FluidReview allowed the university to significantly lighten the burdens placed on administrators and centralize procedures.

With FluidReview, administrators were given role appropriate access to their scholarship funds, and could easily specify award requirements, manage incoming applications and materials, and take advantage of robust automations.

Seamless integrations with the student information and financial systems also made it easy for administrators to access student records, allocate awards and monitor fund utilization.

“Before FluidReview, administrators manually processed over 85,000 applicant documents each year. After implementation, they only had to manually process 20. Plus, we’ve been able to automate crucial tasks like collecting donor thank-you’s and sending award letters. The time savings have been tremendous. ”
– Normand Séguin, Director, Financial Aid and Awards

After just one year, University of Ottawa students and administrators have been thrilled with the new system. FluidReview has significantly enhanced the student application experience, improved the utilization of scholarship funds, and created powerful administrative efficiencies.

“FluidReview has been outstanding. We’re looking forward to continuing to improve our scholarship and financial aid services to students using the system.”
– Normand Séguin, Director, Financial Aid and Awards