UMass Amherst Alumni Association

Streamlining multiple application and nomination programs

The University of Massachusetts Amherst Alumni Association manages numerous application-based programs, including over 100 student scholarships, alumni awards, and board nominations. Using FluidReview, the association has been able to streamline the administration of each program.

“FluidReview significantly improved the application and nomination experience, reduced administrative workloads, and created a faster, more efficient review process for all of our programs”
– Deb Goodhind, Associate Executive Director

The Challenge

Before implementing FluidReview, the University of Massachusetts Amherst Alumni Association struggled to effectively manage their application and nomination programs with a combination of paper-based applications and disjointed online tools.

Materials were collected through email, and administrators were tasked with manually sorting and shepherding applications and nominations across various workflows and stages. The process included physically printing and mailing paper documents to reviewers, who were forced to deal with stacks of paper forms that were difficult to organize and cumbersome to evaluate.

The entire process was time-consuming, inefficient and frustrating for everyone involved.

“Before FluidReview, our process was held together with emails, spreadsheets and physical application and nomination forms. It became very inefficient for applicants, nominators, administrators and reviewers.”
– Deb Goodhind, Associate Executive Director

The Solution

To address their challenges, the University Massachusetts Amherst Alumni Association implemented FluidReview.

FluidReview allowed the association to manage all of their application and nomination programs with one intuitive online solution, while still providing the flexibility needed to accommodate the unique requirements and workflows of each program.

The association set up an application site to which all applicants and nominators were directed, and there, through an intuitive portal, they were able to submit applications, or nominate individuals, for each program.

Applicants and nominators were able to easily complete all requirements online, which included filling out online application and nomination forms, and uploading supporting files and documents.

Incoming applications and nominations were then automatically pre-screened and sorted, saving hours of work for administrators.

“The staff time required to manage our programs was dramatically reduced through use of the automated workflows, triggers and reminders, and these same features have allowed us to provide the best end-user experience to our applicants, nominators and reviewers.”
– Deb Goodhind, Associate Executive Director

With FluidReview, the association set up a secure online review portal, allowing reviewers to login and access applications and nominations with the click of a button. They could easily make comments on submissions, fill out evaluation forms, and submit rankings, without having to deal with stacks of paper forms and documents.

The review process became much more straightforward and convenient, and the turnaround time for completed reviews was significantly shortened.

As a result of their FluidReview implementation, the Alumni Association now enjoys a fully automated process and benefits from efficiencies that have streamlined application intake, administration and review. After just one year with FluidReview, the volume of scholarship applications has increased by 50%, while administrative workloads have decreased.

“FluidReview has provided a great improvement over our past application and nomination process! I really like the fact that we are using far less paper, and that the system is intuitive for applicants while providing administrator and reviewers with easy access to everything in one place.”
– Deb Goodhind, Associate Executive Director