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FluidReview is a powerful, fully-configurable and user-friendly tool that helps you collect, manage and review applications online.

Site Design

FluidReview allows you to set up a fully branded, stand alone site for your application process. Here, you can clearly communicate all rules, regulations and guidelines to applicants, and they can login to complete and submit their applications. Everything they need to apply is in one, convenient location.

Customized Site

  • Include file directories:

    You can set up an accessible file directory where applicants and reviewers can easily access and download any required documents and files.

  • Add additional pages:

    You can easily add additional pages and content to your site. Include sponsor pages, about pages, resource pages, and more.

  • Analytics tracking with Google Analytics:

    FluidReview can be integrated with Google Analytics so you can monitor your page views, visitor counts and any other web statistics you’d like to keep track of.

  • Works across all major desktop, tablet and mobile devices:

    Your FluidReview site is automatically responsive so it will look great on every device, every time.

  • Single sign-on with Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn & FluidReview:

    Applicants and reviewers can access their applicant/reviewer portals in seconds with their Twitter, Facebook or LinkedIn accounts.

  • Secure login for applicants and reviewers:

    FluidReview sites include a secure login for applicants and reviewers, through which they can access their applicant/reviewer portal to view and complete required tasks and submit their applications or complete evaluations.

  • Multi-lingual capabilities:

    You can set up your site in multiple languages and allow applicants to choose which language they’d like to browse, and apply in.

  • Custom branded URL:

    Your site will reside at the URL of your choosing, making it easy to find and remember for applicants.

  • Full branding control:

    You can customize your FluidReview site to match your organization’s unique branding. You can easily add logos, images, headers, footers, modify colors, and more, via our integrated visual style editor.


With FluidReview, you’re in control of the entire application process and workflow. With a few clicks, you can easily create a seamless application process. Create tasks for applicants, add application rounds & stages, and establish review criteria and procedures. No matter what your application process entails, FluidReview can be configured to streamline the process.

Evaluation Workflow

  • Assign applications to reviewers, or reviewer teams:

    Automatically assign applications to be reviewed by specific reviewers or reviewer teams. Reviewers will only be able to view the applications that they have been assigned.

  • Allow individual reviewers, or create reviewer teams:

    Assign applications to be reviewed by individual reviewers, or assign applications to panels or teams of reviewers.

  • Create reviewer tasks:

    Create tasks for reviewers. These can include having them fill out evaluation and ranking forms, ordinally rank applications or have them upload documents, images, videos and audio files.

  • Set up review stages and rounds:

    Create stages for your review process. There’s no limit on the number of stages that can be included. Each stage can have a unique set of reviewers, tasks and evaluation criteria.

  • Set up a secure reviewer portal:

    Your FluidReview site will include a secure review and evaluation portal. Reviewers will be able to login and view all of the applications they are to evaluate, complete their required tasks (fill out evaluation forms, rank applications, etc), communicate with administrators and other reviewers, and leave comments for applicants.

Application Workflow

  • Allow applicants to apply as individuals, or in teams:

    Create an application process for individuals, or allow applicants to form teams and apply together.

  • Create applicant tasks to be completed at each stage or round:

    These tasks can require applicants to fill out forms, upload documents, images, videos and audio files, submit payments, request recommendations, or upload portfolios. Settings can be edited on a per task basis (optional or required, deadlines, etc).

  • Set up application stages and rounds:

    Create stages for your application processes. There’s no limit on the number of stages a process can have. For example, you could have a preliminary stage, semi-final stage, and final stage. Each stage can have a unique set of tasks, requirements and restrictions.

  • Create applicant groups:

    Allow applicants to place themselves into different applicant groups. Each applicant group can have different tasks and requirements. For example, you could set up one applicant group for Scholarship A, and another for Scholarship B, and collect applications for both through one FluidReview site.

Create Forms

FluidReview is integrated with FluidSurveys, the web’s leading online form tool. With FluidSurveys’ drag and drop interface, you can easily create robust application forms. Include multiple question types, response validation and form logic with ease.

Powerful Forms

  • Automatically validate incoming responses:

    Validate responses as they come in and automatically disqualify applicants that do not meet specified criteria.

  • Customize the layout and formatting:

    Configure the layout of questions within your form, modify fonts, colors, spacing, and more.

  • Implement form logic:

    Add logic to your forms to create a personalized experience. Only show questions/pages that are relevant, pipe in stored information, and more.

  • Make use of over 24 different question types:

    Include a variety of question types within your forms. Multiple choice, checkbox, text response, rating scales, and more.

  • Create new forms or use templates:

    Easily build application and evaluation forms with a drag and drop form builder. Forms are interactive, intuitive and responsive.

Manage, Automate & Communicate

FluidReview gives administrators the ability to effortlessly manage the entire application process in one place. From the centralized dashboard, they can easily view and sort through applications, while automating any repetitive tasks. Communicating with applicants and reviewers at any point in the process is made simple with the ability to send, or schedule, emails directly from the system.

Manage Incoming Applications

  • Keep up to date with daily stats and activity logs:

    Daily stats of incoming applications, completed evaluations and an activity feed of who’s done what.

  • Assume applicant roles:

    Take control of applications and go through the entire process as the applicant.

  • Manage applicants:

    Easily view applications and submitted materials, move applicants between stages, rounds and groups, and manage the application process in a centralized place.

  • Easily view and sort through applications & applicants:

    Sort, filter, slice and dice applications in seconds. Create and save filters to quickly see and access the applications you need.

  • Maintain a complete overview with a comprehensive administrative dashboard:

    See and manage all incoming applications and applicants in one place. Keep track of applications that are coming in or in progress and the status of evaluations and reviews in one simple environment.

Manage Reviews & Reviewers

  • View completed and in progress reviews:

    Keep track of which applications have been reviewed, and which are still in progress. View rankings and evaluations at any time.

  • Assign applications to reviewers or review teams:

    Quickly assign applications to specific reviewers or reviewer teams. Reviewers can only see the applications that they’ve been assigned.

  • Manage reviewers and reviewer teams:

    Easily add reviewers, specify what they can see and have access to, and create/edit reviewer teams.

Automate Repetitive Tasks

  • Automatically send out email communications:

    Send out targeted emails based on what applicants do, or don’t do.

  • Automatically assign applications to reviewers or reviewer teams:

    Assign incoming applications to specific reviewers or review teams based on a specified set of criteria.

  • Automatically advance applications through stages and rounds:

    Automatically advance applicants through application stages when a specified set of criteria has been met.

  • Automatically pre-screen and sort incoming applications:

    Make sure applications meet specific criteria as they come in, and disqualify those that don’t. Automatically place incoming applications into specific applicant groups.

Communicate with Applicants & Reviewers

  • Schedule emails to send:

    Schedule emails to send automatically at specific times. Announce upcoming deadlines, announcements, etc.

  • Send emails to multiple applicants and reviewers:

    Send targeted and personalized emails to groups of applicants and reviewers.

  • Send emails to individual applicants and reviewers:

    Send targeted and personalized emails to individual applicants and reviewers.

Review & Evaluate

The secure review portal makes it easy to set up an intuitive review environment for reviewers. The review portal provides reviewers with easy access to their assigned applications along with the information they require to complete the review process. Evaluation forms, communication tools… everything is right at their fingertips.

Facilitate reviews through a secure review portal.

  • Leave annotated comments:

    Reviewers can leave annotated comments on applications for applicants, other reviewers, or administrators.

  • Side-by-side review capabilities:

    A side by side view lets reviewers view applications and evaluation forms on the same screen, making the review process even easier and more intuitive.

  • Easy access to evaluation and ranking forms:

    Reviewers can easily open and fill out evaluation forms and rank applications.

  • Easily view application materials:

    Viewing uploaded materials (documents, images, videos, and audio) is made easy with a simple file viewer. There’s no need to download anything.

  • List view of assigned applications and required tasks:

    Upon login, reviewers will see a list of all the applications they are to evaluate, and all the tasks they are to complete. They can check things off as they go. It couldn’t be simpler.

  • Secure log in:

    Reviewers can create a personal login and password to access the review portal and complete evaluations from anywhere in the world.

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