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Fellowship Application Management

FluidReview is a simple and powerful fellowship application management solution, helping organization collect, manage and evaluate fellowship applications online. FluidReview can be configured to adapt to any application workflow, will greatly reduce your administrative workloads, and will streamline the process for applicants and reviewers. You’ll be amazed at how much you can do, and how much time you can save.

Everything you’ll need to power your fellowship program.

  • Set up a fully branded application site for your fellowships
  • Clearly communicate criteria, requirements and guidelines
  • Configure a custom application workflow
  • Provide applicants with a central hub for all of their application materials
  • Replace paper and PDF forms with engaging and interactive online forms.
  • Have applicants fill out forms, upload documents and media, process payments, request recommendations, and more
  • Automatically pre-screen and categorize incoming applications
  • Manage all applications through a centralized dashboard. Easy filtering and sorting.
  • Automate administrative tasks (email communications, deadlines, applicant advancement, and more).
  • Configure a custom review workflow.
  • Provide reviewers with a secure, centralized review and evaluation hub.
  • Create interactive evaluation forms.
  • Automatically tabulate evaluations and rankings.

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