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Scholarship Management Software

FluidReview has joined the SurveyMonkey Family. Provide a simple, powerful & efficient application management system for your scholarships and institutional funds with SurveyMonkey Apply.

Explore SurveyMonkey Apply

Customize Application Criteria & Workflows

Customize the application process to match your existing workflow. Specify application rules & guidelines, create tasks for applicants (upload media, submit transcripts, request recommendations, etc), set-up interactive application forms, and more. Use the same criteria for all scholarships, or customize the system for each.

Set Up a Branded Application Site

Easily set-up a custom branded FluidReview site that will act as a dedicated application portal for your scholarship(s). Post available scholarships, specify the application criteria for each, and begin collecting applications. Allow prospective applicants to easily search through all scholarships and apply to one, or several.

Simplify the Process for Applicants

Provide applicants with a centralized application portal where they can easily view available scholarships, submit their applications and complete any required tasks. Have them securely fill out application forms, upload supporting materials (transcripts, essays, videos, etc), request recommendation letters, and more. Our scholarship management system makes it simple, easy and fast.

Manage the Process and Reduce Administrative Workloads

Manage the entire process with interactive dashboards and administrative views. Easily keep track of and manage your scholarships, incoming applications and reviews with one intuitive interface. Save significant staff time by automating repetitive administrative tasks: automatically pre-screen applicants, group applications, coordinate reviews, send email communications, and more.

Facilitate Better Reviews

Create a secure portal for reviewers where they can login to review and rate applications using customized evaluation forms. All evaluations and rankings are automatically tabulated, allowing you to quickly and easily filter out the top candidates.

Key Features

  • Branded Scholarship Portal

    Set up a fully branded portal and allow prospective applicants to search through, and apply for, all available scholarships in one convenient place.

    Unlimited Application Entries

    Collect and unlimited number of applications and submissions through your FluidReview site.

    Custom Workflows and Tasks

    Create custom workflows and applicant tasks. Have applicants fill out forms, upload documents, media, etc. Set-up multiple application stages with unique tasks.

    Powerful, Interactive Application Forms

    Create interactive application forms with the web’s leading online form tool, FluidSurveys. Include branching, response validation, a variety of question types, and more.

    Letters of Recommendation

    Allow applicants to request recommendation letters via email, and have recommenders easily upload letters directly into the scholarship management system.

    Applicant Tracking and Management

    Track incoming applications with interactive dashboards. Our scholarship management system makes it easy to view and filter applications, promote/disqualify applicants, send reminder emails, and more.

    Automatic Applicant Pre-Screening

    Set-up application criteria and automatically pre-screen and filter applicants.

    Automatic Applicant Grouping

    Allow applicants to request recommendation letters via email, and have recommenders easily upload letters directly into FluidReview.

    Automated Triggers

    Create triggers to automate manual tasks such as sending reminder and thank you emails, promoting applicants, disqualifying applicants, and more.

  • Lifecycle Communications

    Send out personalized bulk emails to applicants and reviewers through FluidReview. Schedule and automate emails based on custom criteria.

    Audit Trails

    Maintain a system of audit trails of every activity and action that takes place within your FluidReview site.

    Secure Review Portal

    Set up a secure portal where reviewers can login to view, evaluate and rank applications.

    Automatic Reviewer Assignments

    Automatically assign applications to select reviewers. Only show certain applications to certain reviewers.

    Custom Review Forms

    Create interactive, customized review and evaluations forms using FluidSurveys to assure complete reviews.

    Annotated Comments

    Allow reviewers to leave annotated comments on applications for applicants, administrators, or other reviewers.

    Actionable Analytics

    Quickly generate actionable reports and view tabulated rankings and evaluations.

    Award Notifications

    Automatically notify applicants if they have been selected or declined for a scholarship.

    Sponsor/Donor Pages

    Set-up dedicated pages for your sponsors and donors. Include bios, descriptions, logos, and more.

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