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How it works

FluidReview has joined the SurveyMonkey family. Use SurveyMonkey Apply to simplify any online application process, and make it easy to collect applications, manage submissions, and facilitate reviews.

Explore SurveyMonkey Apply

Create a branded application site & portal.

Easily set up a customized, fully-branded online site & portal for your application. Describe and specify any rules, guidelines and requirements, ensuring that your process is accessible and clear for all applicants. With a FluidReview site, you'll provide applicants with an intuitive central hub where they can submit all of their application materials… and they'll love you for it.

Customize & configure your application workflow.

FluidReview's flexible workflow builder gives you complete control over how your applicants and reviewers move through your process. Require applicants to upload documents or fill out forms, set up multiple stages and rounds with a variety of requirements, create review and approval processes, and more. FluidReview's flexibility let's you keep doing business the way you already do business.

Collect better data with interactive online forms.

FluidReview is integrated with FluidSurveys, the web's leading online form tool. You'll have everything you need to create powerful, interactive and smart online forms, which you can easily include within any stage of the application process. Choose from over 35 question types, implement logic and validation, add custom branding, and more. Getting the information you need from applicants has never been this easy.

Implement smart, time-saving automations.

Significantly lighten the load placed on administrators by automating the routine and repetitive tasks within your process. Automatically send confirmation and reminder emails to applicants, pre-screen, sort and categorize submissions, move applications between stages, assign applications to reviewers, and more. Free up administrators' time for more essential tasks like growing your reach and finding the best candidates.

Collect applications with ease. No paper, no emails, no fuss.

Once your Fluidreview site and workflow is set up, you can begin collecting applications. Applicants will simply go to your site, view their guidelines and required tasks, and begin submitting their applications. They'll be able fill out forms and upload attachments through one intuitive portal. Everything will be clear, easy, and fast.

Manage everything in one place, reduce workloads & boost productivity.

When applications start streaming in, you'll be able to view everything in one place with interactive dashboards and views. FluidReview makes it easy to stay organized and track applicants and reviews. Easily sort and filter through applications, see who's done what and what still needs to be done, and keep a pulse on all in progress reviews and evaluations.

Facilitate better reviews, make better decisions.

FluidReview makes evaluating applications simple for reviewers. Set up a secure review portal where submissions, applicant information and custom evaluation forms can be accessed. Reviewers can easily fill out forms, rank applications, leave comments and download submissions. Automatically assign applications to reviewers and easily co-ordinate reviews. All rankings and evaluations are tabulated in real-time.

  • Powerful reporting

    Generate informative reports with your application and evaluation data. All data is accessible, searchable and exportable with the click of a button. Easily keep track of progress, uncover trends and insights, and share these findings with colleagues and stakeholders.

  • Compliance & accessibility

    FluidReview is US Section 508 and W3C compliant. FluidReview works with any browser, including mobile devices and has SSAE16 security compliance with 99.97+% availability.

  • Dedicated support & onboarding

    The FluidReview team will work with you to create an application that is easy to use and encourages completion while helping you capture all the data you need. You'll receive full site set-up help with onboarding experts, unlimited phone/email support as well as email support for applicants and reviewers.

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